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You can buy my art at Fine Art America! I will be adding more!

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Finding the Way

 "The soul has a hidden abyss untouched by time and space."
~Johannes Tauler (Sermons)

I know I said I'd post more regularly to this blog, so forgive me for having gone a while again without posting anything.  I was taking a break from making fractals.  But, it seems that the fractal season has returned, and I am back to making them.

I've gone from being an agnostic to joining the Episcopal Church.  For a very long time, I was turned off from the Christian faith because I saw how a lot of fake Christians treated others.  There was so much hypocrisy.  What I like about the Episcopalians is that they follow Jesus and try to act like Him.  They seem to be respectful of other beliefs and preach about the Way of Love, teaching everyone to be kind to others.  I find this to be very important.  I believe that no matter a person's beliefs, ethnicity, gender, age, etc., we should treat them with love.  My husband John is an Episcopalian, so finally, after almost seven years of being together, I can join him in his faith.

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